Thursday, April 28, 2011


I was banned a second time from the "ticker forum" primarily for my articulation of the fundamental flaw in a "money as debt" economic model for the world. As many of you know, dissent is not allowed and if you are not a complacent drone bee in Denningers hive, you are not allowed an opinion regardless of its proof or underlying truth.

Be that as it may, some of you on "sucker forum" have asked me some questions regarding how we could have an honest money system that is not dependent upon a perpetual expansion of credit and the inevitable collapse that lending at interest is mathematically guaranteed to produce. I'll take a moment to give you what is a solution with the caveat that it will never ever happen until Americans are rioting in the streets and cities are burning to the ground.

First, understand that the entire model of global economics is a ponzi scheme. It is dependent upon perpetual GDP "growth" which by definition is perpetual expansion of global money supply since GDP is measured in units of money. Secondly, understand that all money is created by debt. All money is lent into existence with interest. To have perpetual GDP growth requires perpetual credit expansion and perpetual credit expansion requires perpetual interest on that debt money. Since all money is called into existence via debt, all interest money has to be called into existence by the same mechanism...more debt. It is a compounding function where the more debt money there is the more interest money has to be created by yet more debt compounding in a never ending debt accumulating spiral until it is all unsustainable.

With this understanding, the only solution is a non debt based monetary system. Lending at interest (usury) has to be outlawed and money created by government not banks and added to the economy only to serve the needs of commerce and the growth of population. This was the principle behind having a "gold standard" Under a gold standard, it was thought that a limited resource like gold restrained the creation of money, and basically it did. Government could not create more money than there was gold at a fixed price to back it. This had the desired effect of restraining inflation as the money supply could not expand faster than the resource backing it. This was all undone at the behest of banks under the Nixon regime for the sole purpose of allowing banks...the print money and lend it into the economy to fund the Vietnam war which was immensely profitable for banks who historically have always thrived on war. With uninhibited means, banks went insane with greed and began their campaign to make debt slaves out of every human on earth. They have largely succeeded and this is why we are where we are today, at peak debt with a crashing currency and guaranteed economic doom on the doorstep.

This is not to say that return to a "gold standard" is the answer. It is not. There are too many people, too little gold and the world too dynamic and complicated place. What is needed, what would work, what should be done, is the creation of a universal currency backed by a large and diverse basket of real world goods and services that reflect all the elements of a global economy. Under such a scenario, a unit of "money" would be equivalent, for example, to a measure of oil, corn, wheat, cotton, gold, iron ore, a unit of labor, etc etc. Every unit of money would have a real world intrinsic value that would never change and never get deflated in its purchasing power. One unit of money would procure you the same amount of these real world commodities today, tomorrow and indefinitely. Zero inflation. No deflation, no inflation...stable constant prices.

This money would be issued into the economy by government not banks. It could be spent into the economy with infrastructure projects, national institutions of learning and science, research etc. Private lending would be non usury and require that an equity stake be taken verses interest. If for example you lent your saved money to a company to expand, you would receive an equity stake not a debt stake. If the company succeeded and sold more of its product you would get your return for your risk. The difference comes from how the venture made its would do so by capturing more of its competetors business which taps existing money supply and doesn't feed the debt interest machine. It would reward productivity and efficiency not blunt "growth" and would not be credit driven.

This is how it has worked in the past when we lived with "colonial script" It would work now and it would be beneficial for all mankind. It will never ever happen. It removes banks from the system and relegates them to utilities that held your savings and processed financial transactions. Since banks run the world now and have as their only mission statement the debt enslavement of humanity, it will never happen short of a revolution in thinking and a revolution on the streets

I am on solid ground here and happy to address any further questions you may have on this fundamental issue

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Jean Claude Trichet came out this morning talking up the dollar. The FX gamblers promptly rushed to cover their bets and for an hour or two the dollar rallied...then turned turtle and hit new lows. Ha! I thought it was Turbo Tax Timmaes job to jawbone the currency. Guess he's been too busy declaring that by his will and authority the US will "never" "ever" default on its debt. Nothing insane about this is there?

Silver soared then crashed then recovered as the currencies convulsed, rumors of physical shortages flew and metals gamblers lit their hair on fire.

Needless to say it set the "Tickerforum" all atwitter with the "Dong" spewing out magic numbers, fib lines, moving averages, theories about imminent asteroid strikes, omens, crashes, currency dislocations and the 3am exorcism the "tickerbees" would hold as they readjusted their aussie/dollar cross bets and es mini predawn wagers.

USA Today ran a story on the front page about the record amount of income provided to fat fuck America from the government tit which hit over 18%. One can only surmise that this insane nation also had record income re-distribution or record money printing/borrowing to get those welfare checks out to the deserving obese mall shopping consumers who have been forced to live the horrible existence the lack of plasma tv and Iphone 5 brings. The horror!!

A report was issued stating that more than 40 species of fish will become extinct shortly due to overfishing, pollution and habitat destruction but I dismissed it when I heard the rumor that Bernanke was going to print a $1000 bill with an image of a Bluefin Tuna on it....tasty.

The countdown has begun on the biggest betting day of the year!!! The Fed is meeting!! Whoo Hoo!! What will Times man of the year say tomorrow? Will he keep printing fiat so Netflix can recover to a new all time highs or will he take away the crack and stand idly by as thousands of traders weep onto their Ipads as stocks swoon?....hee hee...clue....he's  a banker...don't tell anyone.

Syria is mowing down its consumers. Gadaffi is mowing down its consumers. Nigeria is mowing down its consumers. Yemen is mowing down its consumers. Japan is irradiating its consumers. McDonalds is raising prices on its consumers. Toyota doesn't have any consumers or production.

Zero Hedge lit into the Nobel Peace Prize winning president for tongue lashing "speculators" in the oil and food "complex" "asset classes" making the bold proclamation that speculators in food are good!! Record high food prices, although being a bit of an issue for the 45 million on food stamps and millions on fixed income, not to mention the billion people who earn $1 a day globally, actually spurs the production of new top soil!! Which is a good thing seeing that record amounts of topsoil is being lost world wide with fence post to fence post plowing in the quest for getting the goods while the getting is good.

And finally, Ron Paul is throwing his "Mr. Rogers" hat in the ring as a presidential hopeful alongside the Mormon with his fireproof underwear, the Donald who will announce his intention on the last episode of his tv show and a handful of Bible thumpers from some shit hole states south of the Mason Dixon line. I sure hope Sarah Palin gets her mo jo back.

No, nothing is insane here is there?

Saturday, April 23, 2011


On the "Fed Up USA" portion of the "ticker forum" a poster had the audacity!!! to post the following...

1. There is one and one only solution to inherent, irreversible multiplication of debt by interest; this being eradication of interest.
2. There is one and one only solution to inflation and deflation; this being maintenance of a circulation which is at all times equal to the remaining value of the very assets for which the circulation was issued.
3. A schedule of payment equivalent to the rate of depreciation or consumption is key then not only to implementation of mathematically perfected economy™, but to the very economic justice of receiving for an equal measure of our own work, the equivalent work of others.
4. There is one and one only solution/eradication of systemic manipulation of the cost or value of money or property; this itself being the union of the singular solutions of inflation, deflation, and inherent multiplication of debt by interest.

also :
"A [monetary] system comprised of usury [charging interest] therefore is unsustainable, and simply a means of dispossessing the subject society of its wealth."

Heir Denninger replied with this...

Notice the "tm"?

He's selling something.

Oh, and he's wrong. "Eradication of interest" means the eradication of the right to lend your capital to someone else. You therefore no longer own your capital.

This man is, therefore, a communist.

(He's also factually wrong, in that there's this thing called "recession" that resolves the imbalance that he (and many thousands of others) have identified. He's simply trying to prevent the need for that - and therefore he brings out the communism and stomps his jack-booted foot on your throat.)

This douche-nozzle was dealt with a couple of years ago here on the forum, if you care to use the "Search" function. I have no intention of rehashing what was put to bed a long time ago.

In typical Denninger douche nozzle fashion, all that does not fit his personal agenda gets dismissed and all that does not serve his perverted view and self maximizing ways gets banned

Well I too posted about usury on his dysfunctional site and made the absolutely factual argument that debt based economics was in fact a doomed and mathematically impossible system. I pointed out with unshakeable reasoning that  the charging of interest is indeed a multiplication of debt as interest is a compounding function that in time goes parabolic thus destroying the ability to service it and collapsing the underlying economy that embraced it. This is a fact and we are living it today in real time.

Denningers stupid argument that the banning of usury impedes the flow of capital and his right to pilfer from non productive endeavors is false and a delusional distortion of reality motivated by his self serving view of the world. For example...

I give my savings to a company wishing to go public and expand its productive ability....I part with my savings in exchange for the possible return of my capital and a piece of the company's future profits. The company succeeds and they in turn return my capital and a share of their profits. There is no debt involved, no interest, no usury but a share of the ventures profits derived from capturing a larger percentage of the existing market for their product. This arrangement is entirely different from a usury model in that the venture derives its increased profits not by and expansion of the money supply as interest/usury does but by a capture of a larger portion of the existing money supply from their competitors. Usury is compounding interest that drives money supply higher by its nature...compounding money supply is the definition of inflation....equity investment as outlined in my example does not compound money growth but rather gets its rewards from greater efficiency and productivity not a ponzi chain letter model such as lending at interest.

Denninger would not debate me on this. He uses the ban hammer to keep his nazi empire intact. He is 100% wrong in his self motivated assertions and the author of the piece at the top here is 100% correct that the only solution to the problems that are consuming us is the abolishment of a credit, money as debt, interest compounding multiplication of debt model for mankind.

Sadly, the world run by bankers for bankers will never ever see the wisdom presented by the author or myself. They embrace the fraudulent model because it serves them just like it serves the scum bag who sits by his electric coffee bean roaster and his 26 liquid plasma trading screens. Bankers are frauds and Denninger is a fraud. Self serving, delusional, myopic, criminal, dysfunctional lying frauds.

I will be happy to elaborate on this if you like.

Saturday, April 16, 2011


1. POLITICS....A French philosopher (I don't recall his name) wrote a book about why democracies fail. He was spot on in his understanding that once the masses understand that they can vote themselves government largesse and rob the national treasury through their vote, it is only a matter of time before the fabric of their society collapses under its own weight. We are there now. There is no way any meaningful policy will be crafted that puts this nation on a path to sustainability because the interests that make the rules receive their position of authority from the people now totally dependent on the welfare state. I guarantee you that no senior will vote for anyone who advocates removing one dime of their entitlements. I guarantee you that no vote will be cast by anyone that in any way threatens the status quo of Wall Street and the F.I.R.E. economy. I assure you that no vote will ever get cast by any special interest group that is threatened with less from the government. In short, not one thing will get done, changed, modified or even move towards a rational model that reveres sustainability, soundness, prudence and rationality because every step in that direction requires restraint, conservation, sacrifice and loss of government entitlement because no one ever has or ever will vote for someone who promises to take something away from them. Period. It is a monumental waste of time to engage in political debate or to care one bit about politics in is all the same, there are no parties, there are no statesmen, there are no reforms, hope or change coming. None. Leaders get elected to make the rules by giving away not taking and the public is fully aware of this. Democracy fails now as the final pillage of whatever wealth remained accelerates.

ECONOMICS....We exist under a flawed, fraudulent, unsustainable, illusory economic model. It is based upon the economics of "more" which is a mathematical impossibility. Our yardstick of prosperity as measured by GDP is an exponential function meaning that every percentage increase in GDP is an increase upon an increase not from some static baseline. 3% GDP this year is not 3% more than some benchmark, it is 3% of the previous percentage growth rate. It is a compound function meaning that it goes parabolic at some point. There is nothing in nature that grows at a compound rate. It is not possible. Bacteria in a petri dish grow exponentially for a time, doubling and then doubling again and yet again until they consume the entire growth medium and they all die. Economics is no different. A system that depends upon compounding "growth" will, without question, consume its entire "growth medium" and eventually die. It is a fact of nature that cannot be repealed.

Take China for example...heralded as an economic miracle as measured by its 10% GDP "growth" rate. Using the rule of "72" you know that a doubling of output of all goods and services at this "growth" rate will take less than 7 years. This means that China will be consuming twice the coal, oil, timber, minerals and all other resources in 7 years that it does now. You tell me what the planet will look like with 2 trillion tons of coal being burned and double the number of internal combustion engines purring along twice as many paved miles. Add India, the rest of the BRIC nations, a few billion from the 3d world all aspiring to live an American lifestyle and tell me what the resulting prices of commodities will be and the toll on the planet we all inhabit. Bacteria in a petri dish. Unsustainable consumption, unsustainable economic model, unsustainable demand on limited finite resources and yet this is the model pursued and aspired to with no regard what so ever for the ultimate consequences. Fail. Epic fail. Permanent fail.

CATCH 22... It is clear that the path forward cannot be the one we are currently on which is the one that led us to where we are now. Only a mindless fool could be so blind as to deny this. Yet, the obvious directional change is equally impossible. You cannot deny billions of people aspiring to your lifestyle. You cannot command that the have nots remain in their huts. You cannot decree that all of civilization live the life of the Amish tomorrow. You cannot stop the economics of "more" because that puts billions of people who make the mountains of plastic crap that fills our incinerators and landfills and trophy homes instantly unemployed. The second you halt the exploitation of the planet and the production of unsustainable practices and useless junk, the world plunges into depression. It is bacteria exponentially dependent upon consumption of its growth medium to sustain itself racing towards the edge of the dish and exhaustion of that which gives it life. There is no fix. There is none politically, none physically, none economically. It is a catch 22 where no matter which path you choose the end is the same. Austerity breeds more poverty, money printing breeds inflation leading to hyperinflation, doing nothing allows the same degradation to continue until it grinds to a halt. There is no fix. It is all in your dreams and imagination or fantasy that there is. There is no fix because there can't be one when the machine is designed to self destruct. The blueprint is flawed so the machine is flawed and the operators of it will not change the design as it would be in opposition to your popular will.

The die is cast lads. You can look out your window and see snow and claim there is no global warming. You can view the planet while staring at your living room. You can delude yourself with false hope in a political machine that is homogenous and a total prisoner to other wills. You can see what you want to see and dismiss the rest. Won't change a thing. Nature doesn't care what you see or think nor does the laws of mathematics. There is no fix. Never was, isn't now and never will be.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Denninger aka Trump sucker/isotope man/professional toupee model has got to be pulling his hair piece out tonight. The Fukishima nuclear disaster is officially now on a par with Chernobyl threatening his vision of a direct high tension 40 megawatt line to his niceville home/NASA backup/IRS processing/ICBM tracking/USPS mail sorting plant/ 28 plasma screen co-located high frequency algo driven market ticker "trade" complex. Boo Hoo.
In one of his dysfunctional, delusional, "James Watt" Jesus is coming rants on the future of power generation he wailed like an Iranian woman at a funeral that his cherished way of life that included a personalized electric coffee bean roaster for every man woman and child was under threat if pressure mounted to remove nuclear disasters from the mix of electric generating options. It wasn't enough that the Gulf of Shit was raining Corexit and WD-40 over a half dozen southern states, that people were still dying from the cleanup of the Exxon Valdez spill many years ago or the waste of entire nation that also happens to be the 3d largest economy on earth was unfolding as he blathered...noooooo! We need more power he chortled!! "How the fuck can I power the matrix, trade corn futures, watch porn on my 60" hi def plasma big screen without nuclear power?"
Never crossed the Dongs mind that conservation could be part of the mix. Never fired a synapse in his infected brain that well lit walmart parking lots, outdoor lighting around his hot tub (what a gross vision, Karl in a hot tub), giant roadside electronic billboards, endless gadgets with plugs on them etc etc...are worth sacrifice in exchange for a viable Gulf of Mexico, Alaskan coast, the nation of Japan and a nighttime sky where one can see the stars. No, that would be too inconvenient for the Queen bee and his self maximizing gluttony, requiring some measure of selflessness on his part for the betterment of all. It would be too much an infringment on his personal liberty to do whatever the fuck he wants, buy whatever he desires, consume whatever he can afford and champion policies of "more" because they serve his child like cravings. Better we rip the tops off every mountain in Kentucky, fill the Gulf of Shit with oil so it's easier to refine, sacrifice a whole nation every now and then, anything and everything to bring every suburban convenience to soft spoiled shitbags like Denninger than to do the human, rational, just thing and give up some trinket or two for the preservation of life on earth.
Go to Japan Karl and swing by a marsh in Louisiana. Stop by for a cup of coffee in Kentucky next to a strip mine (home ground by hand)!! Get your blood tested for mercury and Corexit and then while you're sitting in your hot tub with all the lights on monitoring the 29 trading screens glowing like the radiation from Fukishima, tell me how you explain it all to your child who will inherit the spoils of your self serving hedonism.
Fuck you and all like you.

Sunday, April 10, 2011


I refer you...

The hair challenged, flabby jowl, self serving, self maximizing, personal electronic coffee bean roasting, Trump dick sucking champion of more is poised in front of NORAD command central under Cheyene mountain, mission control in Houston, or in suburban Shitsville Florida at his "trading" Wall St enabling, Hindenberg vigil electronic altar where he delivers yet another "expert" analysis to the hive of delusional drone bees that kiss his stinger and swallow his delusional dysfunctional venom spew.

For a prick who hates Wall St. curses the fraud, rails against corruption, writes reams of reasons why it should all be shut down, vilifies the banks, cusses and curses the likes of Goldman etc etc ad nauseum...I find it amazing that he has wired his dysfunctional brain to a "trading" nerve center that would make the AT&T global call routing center envious.

This piece of shit has his own zip code for the power company and probably gets some municipality rate for kilowatts consumed in his pursuit of profit from the very criminal organization he so routinely vilifies.  Talk about hypocrisy! Denninger and those like him exist for one reason and one reason alone...self maximization. He champions nuclear power and "drill baby drill" so that he can cheaply power his hard wired head and Chevy Suburban that tows his boat to the oil polluted Gulf of Shit near his neon blue lit abode. He doesn't give a fuck about the planet, you, others, wildlife, the rest of the world, honesty, integrity, honor, fairness, equality, justice or any other virtue or character trait...just more power, more toys, more gadgets, more stuff, more trade screens, more trinkets, more oil, more nukes, more fraud and corruption so long as he can model it with 69 bars and lines so to front run some fucking "trade" fatten his account and consume more useless electronic shit to flood his diseased brain with.

Denninger is no different than Blankfein or Dimon though he would have you believe otherwise. His command central matrix is designed to do exactly what the Wall St. criminals do. He is in league with them on a tick by tick basis and is only too happy to extract profit from mindless non productive gambling regardless of its effect on the world at large. No doubt several of those halo emitting screens have commodity prices blinking on them and no doubt a soulless fuck like Denninger has no qualms about piling on a corn trade even if it means adding to the misery of someone else struggling to buy his family food. Fuck him!! He is the embodiment of what is wrong with the world. A self absorbed financial pick pocket in the den of thieves who would fuck over their own mothers for a depreciating buck.

This video clip makes me want to puke.

Friday, April 1, 2011


Marc Faber, a legend in investment circles, said in an interview that he has always underestimated the madness of crowds. In an interview he articulated his best investment call and worst bet when he predicted the demise of the dot com bubble...2 years too soon. He lost the bet but was right on the prediction. He went against the herd mentality of that delusional era, was right in his rational perceptions but none the less, because of timing, failed to profit from his wagers.

Crowds are mad. People are mad. Collective group think is almost always a form of mass delusion driven by humans innate desire for the perceived safety of numbers and their abject fear of being un-accepted by the collective. People are "borg", the mindless, selfless drones of Star Trek fame, shaped and molded into psychological copies of each other all moving in the same direction intent on "absorbing" anything different or unique into their "collective" consciousness.

You see it all the time all around you but most of you are powerless against its relentless pursuit of your independence. Radical Islam, Evangelistic Christians, Democrats and Republicans, special interest "groups" of all types and persuasions, demographic "groups", the "Pepsi", "me", "yuppie", "now" generation, nationalities, ethnic "groups", on and gravity, pulling you with constant and unwavering determination to "belong", to be a cog in some machine, to "fit in" be "accepted".

"It is no measure of mental health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society"

I love this quote. It encapsulates my philosophy and empowers me to reject the "borg" mentality of my fellow human beings. I have no compelling drive to be a "born again Christian", "Muslim", "Democrat" "American citizen" "Polock" "middle aged man" or any other category that defines my identity. I reject definition. I reject being what a uniform says I am. I reject being what a "group" says I am. I reject being what commercialism, advertising, pop culture, heritage, faith, fad or fashion says I am.  I don't have tattoos because they are stupid. I wear white socks because I like them. I play the bagpipes and wear a kilt because I like them. I rail against religion because they are mindless and irrational. I hate banks and wall street because they are evil. I'm indifferent towards homosexuals but I hate with a passion fat people because homosexuals, although having an appetite for kok, don't eat like pigs, hogging resources with indifferent self maximizing selfishness. I don't clap when the president speaks because he is an asshole and I wouldn't piss on the pope if he was on fire because he is a delusional psychological sheep herder of millions of delusional mindless sheep. And above all of this resides my attitude that doesn't give a flying fuck what you think of me, what you say of me, how you perceive me or whether or not you think I'm sane or insane...I know who I am, I know I'm rational and I know you are "borg" with no thoughts or insights of your own just some party line from whichever group perspective you've aligned yourself with.

Back to "economics" and "investing" the two most delusional pursuits of all...

The " borg" embraces the collective mindset of Wall Street. "Greed is good", "growth" is good, housing growth, expansion, lending, banking, jobs, money, wealth....all good. I say bullshit. Nothing is "good" or "bad" without context. without dissection, without evaluation. Nothing.

Is it "good" when it's reported that global auto sales hit a record? What of fuel usage, pollution, congestion, traffic, the suburbanization that takes place with increased mobility? Is it "good" when China reports an increase in factory output?  What of poisoned rivers and dead zones in the sea, increased cancers and premature deaths? Is a million run rate in new home sales "good"? What is good about a relentless drive towards the pavement of every last acre of land from sea to shining sea? Is a million new global jobs "good"? What if they are jobs making jdam bombs, plastic flowers, sub-assemblies of gadgets that get thrown into a landfill within a year as planned and perceived obsolessence demand replacement? Where does the "quality" of life fit into this model? What is the destination as a people this model is shooting for? I say it doesn't matter to mindless madmen. I say that the "borg" collective has adopted a mentality of money equalling morality where the measure of everything is return on investment regardless of consequence and irrespective of the toll it takes on the "borgs" and my future.

It is myopic madness now marked by a singular goal in global financial circles to reanimate the corpse of lending for consumption,nurture ever expanding GDP,  have more raw tonnage mined and harvested and more money created at the expense of everything and anything else. And you follow along like the automated "borg" that you are. You grasp for your share of the pie unwilling to take a stand against the madness of mobs, unable to see beyond the now, incapable of being an independent free thinking rational man even if a part of you knows the absolute folly of pursuing the unsustainable. You sit in the lifeboat making a feast out of the rations knowing full well that there will be nothing left for tomorrow and because you are within the safety of the collective and have the endorsement of the masses, nothing matters but acceptance, complacency and the will of the mad myopic mob.

Thursday, March 31, 2011


Could a more fitting title for an article on the CNBS website ever be found? I  think not unless the author included the words "delusional" "dysfunctional" or perhaps "insane"

For the 3d time in a decade the criminal cartel from lower Manhattan who pull the levers of the economy and set the policy for the nation, have inflated the expectations, perceptions, fantasies, hopes and electronic bank accounts of a whole nation of gullible foolhardy sheeple once again set up for disappointment and destitution.

No one can argue the fact that the Russell 2000 is at highs not seen since the peak before the fall in 2007 but to view this milestone in isolation would be to perceive reality with ones head firmly planted in a sunless orifice. Consider then and now...

In 2000, as in 2007 real estate was hitting its stride. Trailers in California were selling for a million dollars, books were flying off shelves about how to flip property, maids and burger flippers were buying $600,000 Mc Mansions with nothing down and hundreds of millions of dollars were being extracted via home equity loans to be spent into the economy on every trinket, bangle and bob China could crank out of some effluent emitting factory. The English language was being modified with new words defining how all the old metrics were obsolete..."new paradigm" "new economy" etc...all extolling how the business cycle had been repealed and how boundless prosperity was to be had by all via a mouse click and a google ad. How did that work out?

What is even more striking is the differences between then and now. As we hit new highs in the equity markets, the underlying economy of the entire planet couldn't be in greater opposition. Absent then were the following..


How do you suppose this latest and greatest "bubble" will work itself out?

People are stupid! They are myopic, shallow, self serving historical delinquents. They are gullible and easily led, deceived and duped. "A sucker is born every minute" and you CAN fool all of the people all of the time.

People, particularly fat fuck Americans, are "feel good" creatures. They are decadent and conceited, easily conned into having everything they want when they want it via every buy now pay later scheme ever devised. They have no self respect, honor, discipline or self worth and define themselves by the images beamed to them over their glowing blue tv screens believing they are less than dog shit unless they have the newest and biggest pieces of crap pumped out by the surreal spokespeople for the predatory capitalist corporations who control everything.

Do any of you ever consider what the financial engineers of this rock in space are trying to do?

I'll tell you...

They are trying to preserve and re-animate the corpse of an un-sustainable perverted system that has as its mission statement the financial slavery of everything and everyone that exists now and into the future. Banks exist with a singular mission statement...their business model...their only reason for get as many as possible in as much debt as possible for as long as possible at as high a cost as possible. This is bankings only reason for being and their singular objective. Corporate America exists to sell you as much as possible regardless of what it is, no matter what cost it extracts on the planet, at as high a cost as possible regardless of its need or utility, life span or practicality, function or form, or its long term impact on the welfare of the earth or the people who populate it. Politicians exist solely to be re-elected to maintain their illusions of power and prestige. This nation hasn't had a statesman since Kennedy who they took out because he threatened the agenda of the corporate elite. Dumbed down voters think that their voice matters on election day when in fact no choices exist at all given that the party of two has candidates hand picked by banks and corporate entities. Squealing fat ass voters champion the shill who promises the most time and time again only to be dismayed that all promises go unfulfilled by the elected whose allegiance from day one lied with his corporate sponsors and puppet masters.

Nice system eh?

Well, let me tell you something....America is done for. It is a lie and always has been from the day the Pilgirms landed and stole the natives seed corn. Nothing has changed, nothing will change except the tipping point when the last lie is told, the last sheep has been conned, the last uptick in the Dow is registered....and it all goes over the fucking cliff.

I'd scream for you all to wake up!! but it would matter let sleeping sheep lie.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


You will be hard pressed to find someone who hates the establishment more than I do. I hold nothing but contempt for politics, religion, consumerism, commercialism, corporatism, capitalism, all "isms", suburbia, "growth" and the whole notion of the progress of mankind being measured by global GDP and the raw tonnage of coal, oil, shipping, landfills and the weight of the average American. I hate it all. I loathe it, I despise it, I vilify it and I do so not out of some queer personal pathology but because it is perverted, corrupt, irrational, immoral, decadent and an overt theft, against my will, of my sons future. Fuck with me if you want but fuck with my sons....

I think the tipping point came when I heard the term "asset class" applied to food stuffs by none other than the revered "investor" Jim Rogers. Rogers made a name for himself in the "investment" world by forming the first hedge fund, breaking the bank of England with buddy George Soros, and becoming a billionaire before he turned 40. Having a billion dollars is obviously not enough as Rogers appears regularly on the propaganda tv networks discussing his latest ideas on how to turn a billion into several billion. One of his top picks was long rice. He correctly sees the massive production of fiat money flooding world markets, the loss of rice farming land in many geographies, the burst in human population and all the other dynamics that will produce shortages, ramping prices and starving people on a global scale. What's not to like? Adding your weight to global starvation prospects in a speculators paradise and filling your coffers while swaths of humanity exhaust theirs is what its all about!!

Enter the casino!!

This isn't an exclusive "big boys" club anymore! Oh no, you too, no matter how tiny your brokerage account can be part of this once in a lifetime "investment" and load up on your favorite ETF that specializes in agricultural commodities. You can even act like a "big dog" and lever up with options on them or go full speculator and get yourself a futures account to lay down bets on rice going full parabolic! Isn't that what "investing" is all about? Just think about turn on the boob tube and see the nightly news reporting on food riots in some shit hole 3d world country and you know instantly that your account is fatter than the day before! You can squeeze your fat ass into your new Lexus SUV and burn a few gallons of hydrocarbons rolling to the mall to pick up an even bigger big screen to watch all the suffering on!! Isn't America a great town?

The fun doesn't stop here!!

With all this new "wealth" created in the cradle of liberty and the land of opportunity...other "investors" are now flush with newly printed cash too. You can move on with the "houses" money to "invest" in weekly options, derivative bets on Irelands insolvency, some "Build America bonds" or even stick your neck out and bet against the US treasury market and the eventual default and insolvency of your own country!! Fuck yeah! You can speculate in oil and hope your winnings outpace the price of gas you're helping to drive higher, load up on natural gas fracking companies that poison the groundwater, a little Arch coal who's busy pushing the top of a new mountain in coal friendly Kentucky or some cookie cutter home builder who's on the upswing as the housing market "recovers" to its old glory of paving over with lawn and asphalt a couple of million acres per year!! It is all right there now at your fingertips! The casino never sleeps. You can bet in premarket, post market, overnight market, electronic market or be a lazy fuck and "trade" during market. You can "flip", "scalp" "swing" "hedge" "arbitrage" or swing for the's all good in "investment" land! You can fire up 6 flat screens and do all this at once throwing in some fx trades for good measure to capture the interventions of some central bank in Asia! Fuck! You can even buy or build your own little algorithm which while not co-located on the floor of the exchange, gives you an edge over the other pitiful little pick pockets who might try to short your rice long and deprive you of your hard earned profits.

It is all sick!!

It is dysfunctional, diseased, perverted, pervasive and no one gives a shit. There is no morality, no ethics, no sense of fairness or justice. It doesn't matter who lives or dies, what consequences unfold, who gets hurt or how any of it affects the future. Money equals morality now. And it is all about the now. Eat the fucking seed corn for tomorrow you may die is the mentality of everyone from the political realm to the "investing" realm. There is no such thing as enough, whether it be money, power, wars, corruption, perversion, calories consumed or Lindsay Lohans binge drinking barf fests. Fuck the future, fuck your neighbor, fuck some poor slob in Asia, fuck your country...and don't forget to fuck yourself!

PS...I think there is an Iapp for fucking yourself.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


I refer you here...  Now, while one of the mission statements of the "Bee Hive" is to ride herd on the hypocrisy of Denninger and offer truth to his lies, I certainly don't wish the man ill...but damn! He looks like he had a stroke. Ok, ok...that's not the point of this post...just had to use my stinger when the opportunity arose. Ha! Point of fact, I do agree with his mini analysis in this clip. The problem though isn't the validity of this perception, the problem is that Karl, like so many others, never ever analyze the problem back to its root cause. He like so many other "experts" are great at dissecting the obvious but blind in getting to the core of problem that causes all the symptoms they expound upon. There is a root cause to our financial situation. It is not acknowledged, not considered, ignored and avoided, and it ensures that there will be no fix now, later or ever. The following is a brief essay I posted on his site some months ago (pre banishment) deal with the nature of money in a credit driven fractional reserve is the fundamental problem with everything. Have a read, post some comments and or questions and if there is any misunderstandings, I'll clear them up..

Karl, you are a brilliant man on all manner of subjects. Very few possess your ability to rationally and logically perceive what is and think through the consequences, cause and effects, origins, destinations and choices involved in very complicated systems financial and not. I think however that you fail to grasp the full nature of our modern money system, what money is, how it works and why it is fundamentaly flawed and as such destined to fail. In all your critiques you always hold out some measure of hope that things can be "fixed" within the blueprint of the current system. That the purging of fraud, the "normalization" of interest rates, the bankruptcy of the inefficient will somehow restore "balance" and allow life to merrily dance along with prosperity for all. I submit that you are missing or omitting some fundamental truths that render your hope for change from within futile and destined for disappointment.

1. You have made the point numerous times that there is an inequality in "zirp" that denies and deprives savers of a means to make a living off of their savings. While I completely agree that "zirp" is a perverted ploy to socialize losses and steals from the masses, I disagree with your premise that savers could ever make a living off interest income and at the same time have a sustainable economy to provide that status. One mans interest income is another mans interest liability. It is a net zero in the general sense in that the rewards of the saver are the costs of the borrower. If everyone were a saver there could be no borrowers, If everyone were a borrower then there could be no savers. It is not a win/win scenario. The idea that "normalized" interest rates would somehow be a benefit to the economy by providing income to savers denies the other side of the coin where borrowers are less well off because of their liability to the savers who lent them their money.

2. I don't think that you would disagree that we live under a credit based system. Credit is money and money is debt. All money is called into being by debt. Without debt there would be no money at all. I think even the most Ben Stein of economists understand this. Why then is the obvious flaw in the system so universally dismissed, ignored or blissfully unknown? If all money is debt then all increases in money supply equals an increase in debt. For a saver to receive interest income there has to be an increase in money supply to provide it. The interest therefore has to be called into being and since all money is called into being via debt, total debt in the system is the sum of the interest due the saver plus the interest on the newly created money to pay that original interest. It is a compounding function. The interest has to be created by new debt which in turn has to be created by more debt which in turn....endlessly like a passbook savings account in reverse. Compound functions of which you are well versed are unsustainable by nature and our system of money is no different than a colony of bacteria in a petri dish expanding at a compound rate until the growth medium is exhausted. You cannot compound grow debt as the system demands and therefore the notion of a system of wealth creation via savings and the receiving of interest is flawed.

3."Growth" is more than a buzzword it is the underlying premise of the system. All forces herald it as good and desireable and all policy is designed to enable it. But "growth' too is a compound function. GDP is not measured from some baseline number drawn from the past, it is a percentage on top of a previous percentage. It is exponential in nature and like the bacteria/petri dish example is impossible to maintain both in the physical sense and the monetary sense. Leaving aside the physical elements of natural resource depletion and environmental destruction and sticking to the monetary element..."growth" requires expansion of the money supply. It is an absolute hand in glove relationship. An expansion of the money supply in a credit based system requires a compounding rate of debt assumption/creation and since that too is a compound function, it is impossible to sustain. Parabolic curves do not exist in nature. They are self defeating and impossible as is any hope of changing a few cogs in the money system machine and expecting it to function against a flawed basic design.

I think it is admirable what you do in standing up against fraud and abuse and manipulation. Those are noble pursuits in their own right. But to have faith and hope that a flawed system can be re-animated by some form of reset is really an endorsement of the proven boom/bust folly that has been endemic to the system for hundreds of years with each cycle becoming progressively greater in intensity. There are billions of stars in the galaxy but we talk in terms of trillions now with incredible indifference to the scale of it all. Where it once took millions then billions then hundreds of billions to re-animate the corpse of the fundamentally flawed it takes trillions and tens of trillions. Proof once more of the compounding destructive nature of a money as debt system that cannot possible be resurrected.

All the kings horses and all the kings men will never put this Humpty Dumpty system of money back together again. We need a complete overhaul and a non usury system devoid of credit as money. There is no other way and all the analysis of what is wrong now is really quite pointless when the blueprint is unworkable.

Monday, March 28, 2011


One of the things that has always struck me dumbfound about the human mind is its incredible ability to  hold two entirely different and contradictory thoughts or philosophies simultaneously within the confines of the same head. The psychological term for this phenomenon is "cognitive dissonance"...

Marian Keech was the leader of a UFO cult in the 1950s. She claimed to get messages from  extraterrestrials, known as The Guardians, through automatic writing. Like the Heaven's Gate folks forty years later, Keech and her followers, known as The Seekers or The Brotherhood of the Seven Rays, were waiting to be picked up by flying saucers. In Keech's prophecy, her group of eleven was to be saved just before the earth was to be destroyed by a massive flood on December 21, 1954. When it became evident that there would be no flood and the Guardians weren't stopping by to pick them up, Keech became elated. She said she'd just received a telepathic message from the Guardians saying that her group of believers had spread so much light with their unflagging faith that God had spared the world from the cataclysm (Levine 2003: 206).

More important, the Seekers didn't abandon her. Most became more devoted after the failed prophecy. (Only two left the cult when the world didn't end.) "Most disciples not only stayed but, having made that decision, were now even more convinced than before that Keech had been right all along....Being wrong turned them into true believers (ibid.)." Some people will go to bizarre lengths to avoid inconsistency between their cherished beliefs and the facts. But why do people interpret the same evidence in contrary ways? 

For a more current example of "cognitive dissonance" one need look no further than the Tickerforum hosted by Karl Denninger at   Chief "bottle washer" Karl Denninger has offered up a couple of prime examples proving that intelligence is no barrier to psychological delusion. I invite you to visit his site, read his ramblings and then consider the following...

Cognitive dissonance requires that two contradictory thoughts or philosophies co-exist within the confines of ones thoughts. Since the thoughts are contradictory, it stands to follow that one of them must be rational and the other irrational. In Karls case, the rational mind is obvious on a regular and continuing basis. He is an excellent forensic financial analyst who clearly and articulately documents economic doings with substantial evidence in the form of charts and graphs, documentation, logical deduction, statistics, disclosures and black letter law. It is rare, at least so far as economic issues are concerned, that he offers up opinion without the backing of substantial evidence supporting his conclusions and prognostications.

Such cannot be said for his personal philosophy...

Karl is a "Christian" or more specifically, a Catholic which while technically "Christian" stands quite unique amongst the multitude of denominations under that broad umbrella of "believers". On "Ash Wednesday" Karl proudly posted his "mark" (a broad thumbprint of some holy substance) smudged upon his forehead and posted comments about his "Mass" attendance and some "spiritual" babble. Herein lies the "Queen bees" open and obvious, proudly proclaimed "cognitive dissonance" and the similar "cognitive dissonance" of his hive of followers.

On the one hand you have a man with a following who insists upon fact based deduction, black letter law, hard statistical evidence and logical deductive reasoning in all things economic and financial, and on the other, you have a man given to ritual, idolatry, symbolism, myth, superstition, the supernatural, the invisible, "faith", "belief" without evidence, and an entire spiritual realm entirely unsupported by fact or rational thought. Karl does not "believe" the books of Bank of America but he believes in Satan, Hell, sin, confession, saints, heaven, virgin birth, virgin ascension, angels, priests, the pope, prayer and the entire doctrine of Catholicism which you have to swear to in order to be part of the genuflecting clan.

I'm sure Karl is aware of a place call Lourdes where it is said (and believed by millions) that the "Virgin Mary" appeared to a young child with some important message to be passed along to all of humanity. Putting aside the obvious ridiculousness of such a happening, an even more ridiculous parade of delusion goes on even to this day. Over 8 million people have pilgrimaged to Lourdes. Pushed, pulled, wheeled, dragged and on their own power they make the journey from every corner of the earth in search of blessing and miracle from the holy water that flows from the side of a hill in that most revered place. The Catholic church has "documented" 66 answered "official" miracles and a few more "probable" miracles where the desperate pleadings of the ill and crippled were granted. 66 out of 8,000,000. If Bank of America said that they had forged 66 mortgage documents out of 8 million how statistically relevant would that be on the entire mortgage market? Cognitive dissonance. The insistence on fact and evidence co-existing with blind irrational unsupported myth.

Being a good and faithful Catholic, I'm sure too that Karl is a believer in the mystical Catholic doctrine of the Virgin Mary ascension into heaven upon her death. Being the diligent analyst that he is I'm sure he is aware that no where in the Bible is there even the vaguest reference to the death of Mary let alone her miraculous levitation act into the heavens. Fact of the matter is, a Pope some years back, had a vision in his head that saw a virginal fly- by and with papal decree and an official proclamation  and statement, made the imaginary vision, without a shred of evidence even from the good book...Catholic fact.

Cognitive dissonance.

Denninger is a study in conflicting contradictory thinking. His cognitive dissonance extends beyond his "faith" to his everyday life. In his head he holds nothing but contempt for the criminal financial markets, brokers, banks, governments, agencies etc but publishes an ongoing running stream of "trading" activities that sees him shoulder to shoulder with the very crooks he rails against doing his best to pick their pockets before they pick his. He rails against government controlling the dealings of men but begs them to use their rules and laws to handcuff the crooks. He condemns the environmental destruction ongoing in China but carries a sign reading "drill baby drill" even as oil laps the shore outside his suburban castle in Niceville Florida. He insists upon fact based analysis of government budgets, projections, assumptions etc but spends hours compiling charts and graphs with bands and lines, wiggles and "fibs", dojis and clouds "guessing" at the outcome of bets wagered in the crooked casino in a manner that assures an outcome no different than the "Brotherhood of the seven rays" waiting for the ufos to pick them up before the world gets flooded.

Cognitive dissonance.

Why would you believe a mans opinion who can't even sort out his own beliefs and separate what is real from what is make believe?

We'll explore "belief" in depth in future entries as well as "delusion" "reason" "religion" "the appeal of authority" and the ever mystifying contradictions of the human psyche in all its weird and wonderful ways as it applies to life, politics, decision making, ethics, morals and "god" knows what else I'll come up with!


Sunday, March 27, 2011


In the 18th century N.E. Primer appeared the following prayer...

"Now I lay me down to sleep
I pray the Lord my soul to keep
If I should die before I wake
I pray the Lord my soul to take."

I wrote an essay on Denningers "Ticker Forum" a week or so before I was banned. There was a guy who was seeking prayers for his son who was sick in the hospital with a serious life threatening issue. He had asked the "ticker bees" to pray for his son, that the doctors would find solutions and he asked for "Gods" will to be done.

My essay was about the nature of prayer and in particular the mass delusion that gripped the "ticker bees" as they uniformly put up little emotocons of little faces and folded hands all saying "prayers" and occasionally a few supportive words to the anxious dad.

Make no mistake, my sympathies and heart were one with this man. I faced the prospect of a lost child twice myself. I know only too well the inexplicable pain and angst of sitting bedside not knowing if my child was going to be with me the next day or not. I had and have great compassion for this grieving father, I've been there done that.

What I wrote about was the swarm of "ticker bees" delusional attempts to persuade "God", the false hope offered with deity bargaining, the reliance on the supernatural non-sense of invoking "the almighty" and the entire contradictory premise of divine intercession. In short, despite the opposition to the "timing" of my piece, I wrote the truth.

You see, the "truth" does not holiday until convenient. The "truth" does not sulk or hide away until the masses deem it appropriate. The "truth's" time is always now, regardless of circumstance. "Truth" doesn't stand in line behind "feel good". "Truth" is not unkind or kind, sympathetic or callous. sensitive or insensitive, it just is. "Truth" stands alone at the front of the line, all the time, every time and respecting and honoring its standing is a far more noble position for a rational man to take than cutting in line with platitudes and non-sensical well wishes of delusional, prayerful hope.

My young son had a cat many years ago now. In the morning I would let him outside for a clock setting 15 minutes where he would do his cat thing and return to the slider meowing to be let back in. One morning 20 minutes passed with no Tabby at the glass. I knew instinctively what had happened, coyotes got him. I put on boots and grabbed a flashlight to see if my worst fears had been realized. By the bushes was a tuft of hair and by the big pine another and further towards the woods yet one more...

The young one came downstairs as the sun broke the horizon. First thing he did as he was in the habit of doing was to look for his game face was on, time for the first father/son talk about the facts of life.

Tears flowed and sobs fell as I told him the story of what must have happened. I showed him the hair and gave him some comfort that his cat did not suffer. I explained to him that he was dead, had been killed by wild coyotes as was coyote nature to do, and that it was no ones fault. I said that he would not be coming back, that he would return to the earth after we buried him and that I would miss him too.

We buried the tufts of hair at the edge of the lawn where it met the woods later that day. We did not pray but said some kind words about what a good cat friend he had been. There was no lie told by me of cat heaven, gone home to the clouds to be with "god", kitty re-incarnation, or any other mythological bullshit. I told him that all things die, that no one knows what happens after that, that grieving loss was good, the memories are precious and that we were grateful for the time we had with this furry little creature. And that was that.

If "gods" will was at work in having two coyotes make a wish with my sons pet cat and causing grief to a 7 year old then he is a sick son of a bitch of a "god" If "praying" for a different outcome was of any use then "god" doesn't have much of a will if it can be changed by request. If he was a bad cat in his cat soul then he probably went to Hell and if a good cat who accepted the Lord and savior just before two sets of canines split him it half then I guess he went to kitty heaven. Either way the omniscient omnipotent "gods" will was done and my or my 7 year old sons pleadings wouldn't have mattered anyway.

I don't do irrational. I don't do deals with a "god" I don't do delusional for the sake of feel good and I have never lied to a child about the realities of life.

That evening we put some flowers on the grave and talked a bit about some funny memories when his cat would get hopped up eating catnip from my garden and flop around all crazy and shit. We took a ride and stopped for an ice cream, fed the birds at the town pond and considered getting another cat. I was ok with the whole day and so was my son. He laughed all the way home while I acted out his cat rolling stupid on the lawn with a belly full of catnip.

I told him the truth, he didn't need to ask a "god" to change his will or cede to his. He cried, he laughed, he accepted...more than I can say for most adults.








Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Funny watching the few obsessed photofans speculate about who I am and what I'm all about...quite the study!

To set the record straight...

I started this blog to offer truth to the Denninger lies

I may post frequently or not at all and really have no long term plans to develop a blog with a following

I post for fun on Yahoo under the username Pudshaft

I have no other IDs there.


Fuck you and your 6 neon blue trading screens, 2 big screens, your servers, your electric coffee bean roaster, your Chevy Suburban and the boat it pull Fuck you!!

You red neck self absorbed self maximizing son of a bitch living in niceville spewing your non-stop drivel about the economics of more and blathering to the chumps that worship you about the virtues of ever more power generation to keep you bathed in perpetual electrons...fuck you!!

500 mountains do not exist so that 1 trillion tons of coal can be burned. A nation lies in ruins as nuclear isotopes rain down on hapless victims...but oh no you miserable myopic prick!! More power!! You need 12 screens if is suits your fancy and every human on earth needs his own monogramed personal coffee bean roaster!! Screw doing without!!! More power!! After all, your right to ruin the world superceeds my right to see trees and stars...fuck you a hundred gigiwatts worth!!

And shove your fucking know it all bullshit where you don't have a lightbulb shining!!

From 3/15/2011-3/3/2010 total output of a 252 square foot solar thermal
array used for heat and DHW (no heat dump) totaled 64,519,000 BTU's as
measured by a NIST calibrated BTU meter located at 1001 Energy Drive,
Taos, New Mexico.

64,519,000 BTU's =18,909,437.2 watts

The Fukushima Daiichi reactor #3 output is 760 MW (the one with a
confirmed breach of the containment structure in Japan)

Figuring the reactor runs 24 hours at 377 days the total output is;

6,876,480,000,000 watts

To produce the same amount of energy that the Fukushima Daiichi reactor
#3 produces with solar thermal systems of the same capacity as the one
at 1001 Energy Drive, approximately 363,653 systems would be needed.
To build a 760MW nuclear facility costs about $3.5 billion in raw costs
and does not include decommissioning costs. Decommissioning cost
estimate is the same as to build the plant and is based on everything
during the life cycle of the plant going according to plan.

Total cost of 760MW nuclear plant is $7Billion commissioning and

It is estimated that Ukraine spends about 10% of GNP for the aftermath
of Chernobyl.

363,653 solar heat and hot water systems costs based on a cost of
$22,000 each (lower costs than present and lower cost probable at this

Total installed cost for equivalent energy from solar thermal systems is
approximately $8 Billion with no radiation danger.

Not a bad deal is it?

Fact sheet calculations from an visionary in alternative energy


In his most recent ticker tripe, Denninger rallied to the defense of capitalism and conveniently lied and distorted the historical record much to the delight of the drone bees who gleefully lap up all his red neck spew.

While I do agree with him about the nature of failure in a capitalistic system and the historic fraud that has corrupted whatever redeeming qualities capitalism had, he is completely fraudulent himself in his portrait of American capitalism.

Far from being a land of opportunity, America has an unbroken history of exploitation leading to wealth in the hands of the few at the expense of the many. The very first act of our Pligrim forefathers was to steal the Wampanoags seed corn from a beach not far from where I live. For the next 400 years American capitalism staked its claim by systematically displacing millions of natives, stealing their land, ravaging the fur trade, slaughtering the buffalo, hydraulic mining hillsides, clear cutting forests, poisoning rivers and lakes, filling marshes, paving farmland and enslaving people of color to work their fields.

American capitalists built sweat shops, discriminated against women, had child labor, unsafe mines, mills and factories. American capitalists crashed markets, cornered markets, created monopolies, company stores, factory town ghettos and vast armies of imported labor to sweat and die building industrialist railroads and other self serving projects.

American capitalists created Manifest Destiny which gave a green light and the blessing of a delusional god to wage wars with Spain, Mexico,the Middle East, S E Asia, Central and South America and every indigenous tribe that resided here for 10,000 years.

Denninger is a fawkin fraud, a liar, a distorter of the truth.

He feeds his bee hive drones half truths and selective facts for the sole purpose of rationalizing his self serving agenda and red neck lifestyle.

The historical facts support the exploitive nature of his vaunted American capitalism and do nothing to champion some ideal that we as decent rational human beings should embrace.