Saturday, April 23, 2011


On the "Fed Up USA" portion of the "ticker forum" a poster had the audacity!!! to post the following...

1. There is one and one only solution to inherent, irreversible multiplication of debt by interest; this being eradication of interest.
2. There is one and one only solution to inflation and deflation; this being maintenance of a circulation which is at all times equal to the remaining value of the very assets for which the circulation was issued.
3. A schedule of payment equivalent to the rate of depreciation or consumption is key then not only to implementation of mathematically perfected economy™, but to the very economic justice of receiving for an equal measure of our own work, the equivalent work of others.
4. There is one and one only solution/eradication of systemic manipulation of the cost or value of money or property; this itself being the union of the singular solutions of inflation, deflation, and inherent multiplication of debt by interest.

also :
"A [monetary] system comprised of usury [charging interest] therefore is unsustainable, and simply a means of dispossessing the subject society of its wealth."

Heir Denninger replied with this...

Notice the "tm"?

He's selling something.

Oh, and he's wrong. "Eradication of interest" means the eradication of the right to lend your capital to someone else. You therefore no longer own your capital.

This man is, therefore, a communist.

(He's also factually wrong, in that there's this thing called "recession" that resolves the imbalance that he (and many thousands of others) have identified. He's simply trying to prevent the need for that - and therefore he brings out the communism and stomps his jack-booted foot on your throat.)

This douche-nozzle was dealt with a couple of years ago here on the forum, if you care to use the "Search" function. I have no intention of rehashing what was put to bed a long time ago.

In typical Denninger douche nozzle fashion, all that does not fit his personal agenda gets dismissed and all that does not serve his perverted view and self maximizing ways gets banned

Well I too posted about usury on his dysfunctional site and made the absolutely factual argument that debt based economics was in fact a doomed and mathematically impossible system. I pointed out with unshakeable reasoning that  the charging of interest is indeed a multiplication of debt as interest is a compounding function that in time goes parabolic thus destroying the ability to service it and collapsing the underlying economy that embraced it. This is a fact and we are living it today in real time.

Denningers stupid argument that the banning of usury impedes the flow of capital and his right to pilfer from non productive endeavors is false and a delusional distortion of reality motivated by his self serving view of the world. For example...

I give my savings to a company wishing to go public and expand its productive ability....I part with my savings in exchange for the possible return of my capital and a piece of the company's future profits. The company succeeds and they in turn return my capital and a share of their profits. There is no debt involved, no interest, no usury but a share of the ventures profits derived from capturing a larger percentage of the existing market for their product. This arrangement is entirely different from a usury model in that the venture derives its increased profits not by and expansion of the money supply as interest/usury does but by a capture of a larger portion of the existing money supply from their competitors. Usury is compounding interest that drives money supply higher by its nature...compounding money supply is the definition of inflation....equity investment as outlined in my example does not compound money growth but rather gets its rewards from greater efficiency and productivity not a ponzi chain letter model such as lending at interest.

Denninger would not debate me on this. He uses the ban hammer to keep his nazi empire intact. He is 100% wrong in his self motivated assertions and the author of the piece at the top here is 100% correct that the only solution to the problems that are consuming us is the abolishment of a credit, money as debt, interest compounding multiplication of debt model for mankind.

Sadly, the world run by bankers for bankers will never ever see the wisdom presented by the author or myself. They embrace the fraudulent model because it serves them just like it serves the scum bag who sits by his electric coffee bean roaster and his 26 liquid plasma trading screens. Bankers are frauds and Denninger is a fraud. Self serving, delusional, myopic, criminal, dysfunctional lying frauds.

I will be happy to elaborate on this if you like.

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