Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Denninger aka Trump sucker/isotope man/professional toupee model has got to be pulling his hair piece out tonight. The Fukishima nuclear disaster is officially now on a par with Chernobyl threatening his vision of a direct high tension 40 megawatt line to his niceville home/NASA backup/IRS processing/ICBM tracking/USPS mail sorting plant/ 28 plasma screen co-located high frequency algo driven market ticker "trade" complex. Boo Hoo.
In one of his dysfunctional, delusional, "James Watt" Jesus is coming rants on the future of power generation he wailed like an Iranian woman at a funeral that his cherished way of life that included a personalized electric coffee bean roaster for every man woman and child was under threat if pressure mounted to remove nuclear disasters from the mix of electric generating options. It wasn't enough that the Gulf of Shit was raining Corexit and WD-40 over a half dozen southern states, that people were still dying from the cleanup of the Exxon Valdez spill many years ago or the waste of entire nation that also happens to be the 3d largest economy on earth was unfolding as he blathered...noooooo! We need more power he chortled!! "How the fuck can I power the matrix, trade corn futures, watch porn on my 60" hi def plasma big screen without nuclear power?"
Never crossed the Dongs mind that conservation could be part of the mix. Never fired a synapse in his infected brain that well lit walmart parking lots, outdoor lighting around his hot tub (what a gross vision, Karl in a hot tub), giant roadside electronic billboards, endless gadgets with plugs on them etc etc...are worth sacrifice in exchange for a viable Gulf of Mexico, Alaskan coast, the nation of Japan and a nighttime sky where one can see the stars. No, that would be too inconvenient for the Queen bee and his self maximizing gluttony, requiring some measure of selflessness on his part for the betterment of all. It would be too much an infringment on his personal liberty to do whatever the fuck he wants, buy whatever he desires, consume whatever he can afford and champion policies of "more" because they serve his child like cravings. Better we rip the tops off every mountain in Kentucky, fill the Gulf of Shit with oil so it's easier to refine, sacrifice a whole nation every now and then, anything and everything to bring every suburban convenience to soft spoiled shitbags like Denninger than to do the human, rational, just thing and give up some trinket or two for the preservation of life on earth.
Go to Japan Karl and swing by a marsh in Louisiana. Stop by for a cup of coffee in Kentucky next to a strip mine (home ground by hand)!! Get your blood tested for mercury and Corexit and then while you're sitting in your hot tub with all the lights on monitoring the 29 trading screens glowing like the radiation from Fukishima, tell me how you explain it all to your child who will inherit the spoils of your self serving hedonism.
Fuck you and all like you.

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