Sunday, April 10, 2011


I refer you...

The hair challenged, flabby jowl, self serving, self maximizing, personal electronic coffee bean roasting, Trump dick sucking champion of more is poised in front of NORAD command central under Cheyene mountain, mission control in Houston, or in suburban Shitsville Florida at his "trading" Wall St enabling, Hindenberg vigil electronic altar where he delivers yet another "expert" analysis to the hive of delusional drone bees that kiss his stinger and swallow his delusional dysfunctional venom spew.

For a prick who hates Wall St. curses the fraud, rails against corruption, writes reams of reasons why it should all be shut down, vilifies the banks, cusses and curses the likes of Goldman etc etc ad nauseum...I find it amazing that he has wired his dysfunctional brain to a "trading" nerve center that would make the AT&T global call routing center envious.

This piece of shit has his own zip code for the power company and probably gets some municipality rate for kilowatts consumed in his pursuit of profit from the very criminal organization he so routinely vilifies.  Talk about hypocrisy! Denninger and those like him exist for one reason and one reason alone...self maximization. He champions nuclear power and "drill baby drill" so that he can cheaply power his hard wired head and Chevy Suburban that tows his boat to the oil polluted Gulf of Shit near his neon blue lit abode. He doesn't give a fuck about the planet, you, others, wildlife, the rest of the world, honesty, integrity, honor, fairness, equality, justice or any other virtue or character trait...just more power, more toys, more gadgets, more stuff, more trade screens, more trinkets, more oil, more nukes, more fraud and corruption so long as he can model it with 69 bars and lines so to front run some fucking "trade" fatten his account and consume more useless electronic shit to flood his diseased brain with.

Denninger is no different than Blankfein or Dimon though he would have you believe otherwise. His command central matrix is designed to do exactly what the Wall St. criminals do. He is in league with them on a tick by tick basis and is only too happy to extract profit from mindless non productive gambling regardless of its effect on the world at large. No doubt several of those halo emitting screens have commodity prices blinking on them and no doubt a soulless fuck like Denninger has no qualms about piling on a corn trade even if it means adding to the misery of someone else struggling to buy his family food. Fuck him!! He is the embodiment of what is wrong with the world. A self absorbed financial pick pocket in the den of thieves who would fuck over their own mothers for a depreciating buck.

This video clip makes me want to puke.

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