Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Jean Claude Trichet came out this morning talking up the dollar. The FX gamblers promptly rushed to cover their bets and for an hour or two the dollar rallied...then turned turtle and hit new lows. Ha! I thought it was Turbo Tax Timmaes job to jawbone the currency. Guess he's been too busy declaring that by his will and authority the US will "never" "ever" default on its debt. Nothing insane about this is there?

Silver soared then crashed then recovered as the currencies convulsed, rumors of physical shortages flew and metals gamblers lit their hair on fire.

Needless to say it set the "Tickerforum" all atwitter with the "Dong" spewing out magic numbers, fib lines, moving averages, theories about imminent asteroid strikes, omens, crashes, currency dislocations and the 3am exorcism the "tickerbees" would hold as they readjusted their aussie/dollar cross bets and es mini predawn wagers.

USA Today ran a story on the front page about the record amount of income provided to fat fuck America from the government tit which hit over 18%. One can only surmise that this insane nation also had record income re-distribution or record money printing/borrowing to get those welfare checks out to the deserving obese mall shopping consumers who have been forced to live the horrible existence the lack of plasma tv and Iphone 5 brings. The horror!!

A report was issued stating that more than 40 species of fish will become extinct shortly due to overfishing, pollution and habitat destruction but I dismissed it when I heard the rumor that Bernanke was going to print a $1000 bill with an image of a Bluefin Tuna on it....tasty.

The countdown has begun on the biggest betting day of the year!!! The Fed is meeting!! Whoo Hoo!! What will Times man of the year say tomorrow? Will he keep printing fiat so Netflix can recover to a new all time highs or will he take away the crack and stand idly by as thousands of traders weep onto their Ipads as stocks swoon?....hee hee...clue....he's  a banker...don't tell anyone.

Syria is mowing down its consumers. Gadaffi is mowing down its consumers. Nigeria is mowing down its consumers. Yemen is mowing down its consumers. Japan is irradiating its consumers. McDonalds is raising prices on its consumers. Toyota doesn't have any consumers or production.

Zero Hedge lit into the Nobel Peace Prize winning president for tongue lashing "speculators" in the oil and food "complex" "asset classes" making the bold proclamation that speculators in food are good!! Record high food prices, although being a bit of an issue for the 45 million on food stamps and millions on fixed income, not to mention the billion people who earn $1 a day globally, actually spurs the production of new top soil!! Which is a good thing seeing that record amounts of topsoil is being lost world wide with fence post to fence post plowing in the quest for getting the goods while the getting is good.

And finally, Ron Paul is throwing his "Mr. Rogers" hat in the ring as a presidential hopeful alongside the Mormon with his fireproof underwear, the Donald who will announce his intention on the last episode of his tv show and a handful of Bible thumpers from some shit hole states south of the Mason Dixon line. I sure hope Sarah Palin gets her mo jo back.

No, nothing is insane here is there?

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