Wednesday, March 30, 2011


You will be hard pressed to find someone who hates the establishment more than I do. I hold nothing but contempt for politics, religion, consumerism, commercialism, corporatism, capitalism, all "isms", suburbia, "growth" and the whole notion of the progress of mankind being measured by global GDP and the raw tonnage of coal, oil, shipping, landfills and the weight of the average American. I hate it all. I loathe it, I despise it, I vilify it and I do so not out of some queer personal pathology but because it is perverted, corrupt, irrational, immoral, decadent and an overt theft, against my will, of my sons future. Fuck with me if you want but fuck with my sons....

I think the tipping point came when I heard the term "asset class" applied to food stuffs by none other than the revered "investor" Jim Rogers. Rogers made a name for himself in the "investment" world by forming the first hedge fund, breaking the bank of England with buddy George Soros, and becoming a billionaire before he turned 40. Having a billion dollars is obviously not enough as Rogers appears regularly on the propaganda tv networks discussing his latest ideas on how to turn a billion into several billion. One of his top picks was long rice. He correctly sees the massive production of fiat money flooding world markets, the loss of rice farming land in many geographies, the burst in human population and all the other dynamics that will produce shortages, ramping prices and starving people on a global scale. What's not to like? Adding your weight to global starvation prospects in a speculators paradise and filling your coffers while swaths of humanity exhaust theirs is what its all about!!

Enter the casino!!

This isn't an exclusive "big boys" club anymore! Oh no, you too, no matter how tiny your brokerage account can be part of this once in a lifetime "investment" and load up on your favorite ETF that specializes in agricultural commodities. You can even act like a "big dog" and lever up with options on them or go full speculator and get yourself a futures account to lay down bets on rice going full parabolic! Isn't that what "investing" is all about? Just think about turn on the boob tube and see the nightly news reporting on food riots in some shit hole 3d world country and you know instantly that your account is fatter than the day before! You can squeeze your fat ass into your new Lexus SUV and burn a few gallons of hydrocarbons rolling to the mall to pick up an even bigger big screen to watch all the suffering on!! Isn't America a great town?

The fun doesn't stop here!!

With all this new "wealth" created in the cradle of liberty and the land of opportunity...other "investors" are now flush with newly printed cash too. You can move on with the "houses" money to "invest" in weekly options, derivative bets on Irelands insolvency, some "Build America bonds" or even stick your neck out and bet against the US treasury market and the eventual default and insolvency of your own country!! Fuck yeah! You can speculate in oil and hope your winnings outpace the price of gas you're helping to drive higher, load up on natural gas fracking companies that poison the groundwater, a little Arch coal who's busy pushing the top of a new mountain in coal friendly Kentucky or some cookie cutter home builder who's on the upswing as the housing market "recovers" to its old glory of paving over with lawn and asphalt a couple of million acres per year!! It is all right there now at your fingertips! The casino never sleeps. You can bet in premarket, post market, overnight market, electronic market or be a lazy fuck and "trade" during market. You can "flip", "scalp" "swing" "hedge" "arbitrage" or swing for the's all good in "investment" land! You can fire up 6 flat screens and do all this at once throwing in some fx trades for good measure to capture the interventions of some central bank in Asia! Fuck! You can even buy or build your own little algorithm which while not co-located on the floor of the exchange, gives you an edge over the other pitiful little pick pockets who might try to short your rice long and deprive you of your hard earned profits.

It is all sick!!

It is dysfunctional, diseased, perverted, pervasive and no one gives a shit. There is no morality, no ethics, no sense of fairness or justice. It doesn't matter who lives or dies, what consequences unfold, who gets hurt or how any of it affects the future. Money equals morality now. And it is all about the now. Eat the fucking seed corn for tomorrow you may die is the mentality of everyone from the political realm to the "investing" realm. There is no such thing as enough, whether it be money, power, wars, corruption, perversion, calories consumed or Lindsay Lohans binge drinking barf fests. Fuck the future, fuck your neighbor, fuck some poor slob in Asia, fuck your country...and don't forget to fuck yourself!

PS...I think there is an Iapp for fucking yourself.

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