Wednesday, March 23, 2011


In his most recent ticker tripe, Denninger rallied to the defense of capitalism and conveniently lied and distorted the historical record much to the delight of the drone bees who gleefully lap up all his red neck spew.

While I do agree with him about the nature of failure in a capitalistic system and the historic fraud that has corrupted whatever redeeming qualities capitalism had, he is completely fraudulent himself in his portrait of American capitalism.

Far from being a land of opportunity, America has an unbroken history of exploitation leading to wealth in the hands of the few at the expense of the many. The very first act of our Pligrim forefathers was to steal the Wampanoags seed corn from a beach not far from where I live. For the next 400 years American capitalism staked its claim by systematically displacing millions of natives, stealing their land, ravaging the fur trade, slaughtering the buffalo, hydraulic mining hillsides, clear cutting forests, poisoning rivers and lakes, filling marshes, paving farmland and enslaving people of color to work their fields.

American capitalists built sweat shops, discriminated against women, had child labor, unsafe mines, mills and factories. American capitalists crashed markets, cornered markets, created monopolies, company stores, factory town ghettos and vast armies of imported labor to sweat and die building industrialist railroads and other self serving projects.

American capitalists created Manifest Destiny which gave a green light and the blessing of a delusional god to wage wars with Spain, Mexico,the Middle East, S E Asia, Central and South America and every indigenous tribe that resided here for 10,000 years.

Denninger is a fawkin fraud, a liar, a distorter of the truth.

He feeds his bee hive drones half truths and selective facts for the sole purpose of rationalizing his self serving agenda and red neck lifestyle.

The historical facts support the exploitive nature of his vaunted American capitalism and do nothing to champion some ideal that we as decent rational human beings should embrace.


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