Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Fuck you and your 6 neon blue trading screens, 2 big screens, your servers, your electric coffee bean roaster, your Chevy Suburban and the boat it pull Fuck you!!

You red neck self absorbed self maximizing son of a bitch living in niceville spewing your non-stop drivel about the economics of more and blathering to the chumps that worship you about the virtues of ever more power generation to keep you bathed in perpetual electrons...fuck you!!

500 mountains do not exist so that 1 trillion tons of coal can be burned. A nation lies in ruins as nuclear isotopes rain down on hapless victims...but oh no you miserable myopic prick!! More power!! You need 12 screens if is suits your fancy and every human on earth needs his own monogramed personal coffee bean roaster!! Screw doing without!!! More power!! After all, your right to ruin the world superceeds my right to see trees and stars...fuck you a hundred gigiwatts worth!!

And shove your fucking know it all bullshit where you don't have a lightbulb shining!!

From 3/15/2011-3/3/2010 total output of a 252 square foot solar thermal
array used for heat and DHW (no heat dump) totaled 64,519,000 BTU's as
measured by a NIST calibrated BTU meter located at 1001 Energy Drive,
Taos, New Mexico.

64,519,000 BTU's =18,909,437.2 watts

The Fukushima Daiichi reactor #3 output is 760 MW (the one with a
confirmed breach of the containment structure in Japan)

Figuring the reactor runs 24 hours at 377 days the total output is;

6,876,480,000,000 watts

To produce the same amount of energy that the Fukushima Daiichi reactor
#3 produces with solar thermal systems of the same capacity as the one
at 1001 Energy Drive, approximately 363,653 systems would be needed.
To build a 760MW nuclear facility costs about $3.5 billion in raw costs
and does not include decommissioning costs. Decommissioning cost
estimate is the same as to build the plant and is based on everything
during the life cycle of the plant going according to plan.

Total cost of 760MW nuclear plant is $7Billion commissioning and

It is estimated that Ukraine spends about 10% of GNP for the aftermath
of Chernobyl.

363,653 solar heat and hot water systems costs based on a cost of
$22,000 each (lower costs than present and lower cost probable at this

Total installed cost for equivalent energy from solar thermal systems is
approximately $8 Billion with no radiation danger.

Not a bad deal is it?

Fact sheet calculations from an visionary in alternative energy


  1. Is this fucking shack open for business or what?

  2. What we're seeing these days is an epochal unspooling of hypercomplexity. The world just can't take anymore of it. The world is telling us to cut it out or it is going to kick our upright bipedal asses. Of course, America may be absolutely the last society to get this message.